Parenting Magic Chore Chart System


Having children do chores is identified by Harvard as a key skill kids needs for a successful future. But how do parents get kids to do chores? How do you keep track of whether or not the chores got done? How do you reward children for completing chores? Are there consequences to not completing chores?

That’s why we put together the Chore Chart Kit. The kit creates a simple system, divides out jobs, helps you set up positive consequences and in the long-run, reduces the workloads placed on parents.

Items included in the Chore Chart Kit:

  • 9 chore charts (mailed to you)
  • 9 plastic holders (mailed to you)
  • Chore cards (mailed to you)
  • Chore descriptions (mailed to you)
  • 45 minute audio download of how to help your children learn to do chores (emailed to you)
  • 40 minute step-by-step instruction video on how to implement the chore chart (emailed to you)
  • Bonus material
  • PDF copy of the Chore Chart System

We want this to be a positive and successful experience for you and your children so be sure to listen to the download before the kit arrives. This kit includes each step to help with implementation. Also, watch for the other incredible bonuses that come in the mail!

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Please note: this is now only a digital download.