How to Spend Quality Time with Each Child

When you have more than one child, it’s easy to “do things with the kids”. But, what about spending quality time with each individual child? That’s when it gets a little tricky.

Sure it’s easier and perhaps even more efficient to just spend time with your kids all together. But, giving each child individual quality time is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. We’re all busy, but we can find time to make each of our children feel special with their own parental time. It doesn’t have to be huge blocks of time. Remember the littlest things are sometimes the biggest things of all. If you’re stressing about how to spend quality time with each child, here are some ideas…

Special Reading Time

We all know how important it is to read with our kids. Devote a block of special reading time with each child. Either read together or read to them, depending on their age. You’re not only bonding, but also getting some educational time in as well. Bonus!

Favorite Activity One-on-One

As kids get older they tend to find their niche. Get on board with that and get involved in their special activity…just the two of you. Whether it’s art, sports, or music, having time together doing their favorite activity will make the two of you grow closer.

Special Helper

Kids like to have titles. Being mom or dad’s “special helper” is a title many kids would fight over. Instead of having them fight, spend time with each child by making them a special helper with a certain activity. While this may be a bit off track from the fun train, kids need to learn how to help out around the house too. Turning it into a special time together can make preparing meals and even putting away clothes more appealing for the two of you.

Take a Walk Together

This is something so simple, yet so important. When you walk, you talk, right? What better way to have one-on-one time and find out what’s going on in your child’s life than by taking a walk and having a chat? Take advantage of walking together and zeroing in on just one child at a time. Really listen to them. While you’re walking and talking, you’ll also log some steps on your Fitbit!

Plan a Date Night

Just like you would plan a date night with your partner, you can plan a “date night” with each child. You can ask what they want to do or just surprise them. You could go to dinner, get ice cream, catch a movie…it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s just the two of you.

No matter how you choose to spend quality time with each child, try to do it equally. There’s no need to fire up the sibling rivalry! You’ll see how your special time makes each child feel unique and how it strengthens your bond.