Parenting Magic Foundations Course

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Welcome to the Foundations Course offered by Parenting Magic, we’re so excited to have you here!

Dr. Richard West and Dr. Glenn Latham are two researchers whose work we love. They both have contributed high quality information on parenting and parenting skills. This course will walk you through their research and teach you how to implement the research in easy steps. They both focus on controlling our own behavior and creating an environment where children can behave well.

Dr. Richard West will teach us how to have strong relationships. Relationships that can withstand the ups and downs of life.

Dr. Glenn Latham teaches parents which behavior parents should attend and which we should ignore. These two skills alone will help increase your confidence in parenting.

They both are perfectly aligned on the importance of maintaining a ratio of eight positive interactions to every one negative, or corrective interaction. Don’t worry, by the end of this course, you’ll be an expert in that too!

Here’s Dr. Richard West:

Richard West


Here’s Dr. Glenn Latham:

The Foundations Course at Parenting Magic is intended to be extremely practical. To this end, we’ve created a workbook that includes assignments, trackers and reflection questions for you to consider. Your experience in this course will be greatly enhanced by the workbook, so we hope you download it and keep it with you as we go through this material.

Thank you again for trusting Parenting Magic in your journey as a parent. We know how much you value your parenting role and it means so much that you would register for this course!