6 Tips for a Cleaner Home

Tidy a room before you leave it   

This is a lifesaver when you have small children. With just one little one, it’s pretty much always easy to pick up one toy or activity before starting another one, but when you have more, that ship sails. You CAN, however, get things more or less in order before moving  to another room. That way, your ENTIRE house doesn’t need to be a disaster. Just the room you’re in 😉

Do a load of laundry every day

Instead of leaving sweaty workout clothes or dish towels around until “laundry day”, throw the them in the washer at the end of the day with literally every other loose article of clothing in the house (which is a small pile when you’re doing laundry every day) and the hampers are almost always empty! It’s awesome. I’ve found out that little color absorbing sheets actually exist now, which makes sorting colors mostly a thing of the past. Also, fun fact: if you dump the clean clothes on the floor (or chair, or bed) instead of putting them in the basket, you are 1000% percent more likely to fold them immediately before putting them back in the basket. But putting them away is on you. You’re on your own. 😉

The 5 minute rule

This rule is simple. If you see something that will take 5 minutes or less, do it now. If there are some dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher now. If the dishwasher is full, unload it now. Toys on the floor? Pick them up now. Dirty mirror? Wipe it down now. Crumbs on the floor? Sweep them up now (and if you’re REALLY smart, use a handheld mini vacuum!) You get the idea. The small things really add up!

Keep cleaning products in every area of your house

Let’s be real. The main reason you didn’t dust your bedroom the other day is because you didn’t want to go all the way to the hall closet or wherever it is that you keep your cleaning products to get your duster! Keep one in your bedroom closet, and all of a sudden dusting your dresser and shelves will take you 90 seconds instead of 90 seconds plus however many seconds it takes you to get to that closet!

Don’t overdo it

You will never even start cleaning if you have a mile-long to-do list staring you down. You will overwhelm yourself and run away! Take it slow. Do one room a day, or one area a day, in the morning after the kids go to school, or if you have younger kids, while they nap. Don’t focus on having the entire house clean in one day. Your house will be clean all week if you take it one space at a time. And don’t worry about doing a super-crazy deep clean every single time. No one has time for that. Save the deep cleans for once a month or even every other month OR even every quarter! Maintenance is what’s important here!

Don’t get yourself down

If you miss a week, don’t beat yourself up. Some weeks you just run out of time. Don’t let it scare you into not trying next time! No one has a perfectly white-glove clean house 100% of the time! If they say they do, they are, in fact, lying.

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